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HUG, Happy Unique Girls & boys… was set up when we first hit upon a simple idea: that all of you should have access to what you consider to be beautiful, trendy or fashionable, thinking outside the box, with no limits on what you are looking for, rightfully demanding 100% of the services and comfort that a venue may give you - a venue as unique as you are. So, here we are to give you the opportunity to live a unique face and body experience while we take great care of your hands and legs, face and body with lots of creativity, passion and professionalism. Following the trends of the day, our specialized and well-trained staff offer you the rejuvenation you need, through a wide range of choices, ready to meet your every need, as long as you ask for it. Come with us into a venue that will take you, even if for a little while, far from the city sounds and work anxiety! Escape from your daily routine and brighten up in just a couple of minutes!


Polish colors from every renowned brand, exquisite designs that change your image and turn you into what you wish for. News, trends and what's all the rage now. Let your imagination and desire soar and we are here to guide you and make it happen.

Experience, Enthusiasm, Professionalism, Reliability, Imagination, Passion!
It’s not just words, it’s our job!

Inspired by practices and seminars in London, New York, Russia, Germany and China, we are here to make a difference and give you the opportunity right away/with or without a scheduled appointment to be served without waiting. Our modern fast-paced life has led us to this new model that revolutionized beauty and was cherished by everyone! Give us the opportunity to offer you what you wish. Make your appointment through our platform, Facebook, or on the phone.



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