Permanent Makeup


What woman would object to getting up in the morning having soft, juicy, attractive lips?

The micro-blading method (hair-by-hair tattoo) used by our beauty salon counts 10 years of experience and proper training in semi-permanent makeup. The art of semi-permanent makeup is a unique beauty service, as it accentuates every woman’s facial features, corrects any imperfections, gives freshness to the look, enhances the color of the face and saves you time on your daily makeup routine.

Eyebrows… 250€
  • We can gradually discolor an old, intense tattoo on the eyebrows.
  • We can fix and cover up a bad tattooed eyebrows job previously done.
Eyes... 300€
  • We can highlight the outline of the eyes -the upper and the lower lash line- safely on people with no eyelashes.
Lips... 280€
  • We can correct a bad lip contour.
  • We can accentuate or even broaden the outline of the lips.
  • We can cover up a scar, or even fix a cleft lip.


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